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Unit storage information The paper may include: an article, a card, a sheet of paper, extracted or removed an article, a concept, a note, a magazine, a recording in the memory of the computer. Depending on the type of card, the shape of the card is changed. It could be a card box, paper files and articles, notes, computer databases.

One of the main requirements for the card is the easy reading of the text. This natural requirement is not always met if the printing machine is not used.

When CARTOC CARTOC POLICY is completed, it's very important to use the FUEL MASHINE. I'm trying to make a difference for an INTELLECTUAL TRUD.

The form of storage depends largely on its effectiveness. Reprinted or circumcised material (articles, notes) is conveniently stored in folders. The handcuffs lying to each other (or falling) are a real disaster.

We need to be able to remove any necessary folder easily from the shelf. To that end, we can recommend a vomiting angle that matches the folder.

Two types of personal files can be identified in the way of gathering information: with and without a preliminary reservoir. In the first case, the reservoir receives all the same information without its classification. In a while, the PAPCI-NACOTIL cards are reviewed and distributed on the TEMATIC PAKAM (see card 2). Part of the card remains until the reservoir is cleared, and the part is out. Insufficientness of such a system: the same information cannot be placed at the same time in a folder with different topics without the removal of a copy.

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