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Personal data processing bases
We've already started talking about personal data, their collection and processing. But it can be said infinitely and we will continue. Last time, we talked about the changes in the law, but we didn't take into account the most important thing-- And according to feedback, the information requires more detailed processing.
We have therefore redrafted all the laws and their supplements several times. They've made an eloquent clip. Clearly, the paragraphs set out the basic rules and requirements.


" The processing of personal data is based on the principles of justice and justice " - It reads FS-152 " Personal data " . These concepts are based on the other principles that reflect the processing of personal data as a process. And that's what you need to remember:

1. The processing of personal data should meet personal data collection objectives;
This means that the Pun (purchaser, client, employee, etc.) subject must be notified of the processing objectives. The objectives should therefore be reflected in the form of written consent to the processing of personal data.

2. Databases containing personal data that are processed in incompatible purposes should not be combined;
Clearly, there should be no pooling of personal databases containing, for example, financial information on company employees and company customer databases.

3. The volume of personal data being processed should not be excessive in relation to their processing objectives;
It appears that a web-based store producer socks can process personal data from buyers that may contain information on preferences, marketing activity, but the buyer ' s personal data, which indicate that he has a disease, will be clearly redundant.

4. The processing of personal data shall be accurate, sufficient and relevant to the processing objectives;
This is essential primarily for the qualitative and timely implementation of any legally significant action in which personal data are used. For example, for direct purchase.

5. Storage of personal data The processing of personal data should not take longer than required.
The personal data processed shall be destroyed or de-declared when the processing objectives are met or when the need to achieve these objectives is lost. So if the Internet store closes, his buyers ' personal database cannot be left to the " vagaries " , it is necessary to distinguish it.

Personal data phases

1. Collection
When compiling personal data from visitors to the site, we recommend, in any case, that:
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