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The continuity of key business processes is the foundation of the activities of any organization in today ' s environment. Without a reliable, non-sustainable system of data storage and processing that meets the needs of the organization, information is constantly threatened by a loss, an unauthorized access blockade.

How do we address these information losses? How do you choose the necessary system? What knowledge and skills should staff have to ensure that the information management and storage mechanism is the most effective? SBCSystems will help to respond to these questions and to implement a solution that takes into account all risks and needs.

We propose integrated solutions based on the equipment and technology of leading world producers.

Data-processing systems
If your company ' s development plans provide for the establishment and active use of databases, Internet applications, accounting systems (books, warehouses), ERP systems and other software packages and applications, you need a solid platform for the deployment of the software used.

cloud computing systems
Today, the world ' s trend towards the development of computing systems is striving to use cloud solutions as the best way to increase productivity and avoid the sustainability of data storage and processing systems. This technology combines all computing resources (servers and CCDs) into a single managed pool that can be divided and optimized to separate IT procedures and the requirements of the Employer in the form of virtual systems.

Cluster technologies
Data-processing and storage systems for large enterprises and organizations with a wide affiliate network place appropriate requirements for the organization of information systems. The best solution for such customers is the use of cluster technologies.
The construction of a cluster allows for the establishment of geographically remote back-up data centres. This provides an opportunity, within a minimum time frame, to restore strategic business applications in the event of natural disasters, accidents and other force majeure.

Data storage systems
CC SeabitSystems is establishing data storage systems (CCBs) that provide secure storage, low cost of ownership, high availability and easy search for corporate information.

Standby copy systems
We are organizing reliable backup, archiving and data replication systems. These systems help to prevent the threats and risks posed by the failure of data storage systems by the possible unstable work of our customers ' computing centres.

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