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State Assembly (Tumen) of the Sahá (Jakutia)
«Ростех» хочет создать единый центр обработки данных для исполнения «закона Яровой»

The National Information Centre, which is part of the Roster State Corporation, has proposed the establishment of a single data centre for the implementation of the anti-terrorist amendment package, the so-called Yarova law.

On Monday, 22 August, he writes a newspaper called The Office. Remind me, the document obliges communications operators to keep all the customer traffic -- calls, letters, files, conversations up to six months, and within three years, data on these information transmissions.

According to the publication, Rostaha ' s wish to be the executive of the Yarova Law was reported in the minutes of the meeting at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In addition, this information was confirmed by a federal official and a member of the MinpromTrade meeting with Rostacha managers.

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