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. Логическая модель базы данных

The structural synthesis of the data structure is used to store not only the basic (glass information) but also various supporting information. As shown in [2, 3], the way in which data structure elements are organized has a significant impact on the computing and cumbersome complexity of the programme to address structural synthesis. Consequently, in order to address a number of tasks, one of which is the task of synthesizing the best data structures, a model of data structure needs to be developed that reflects the structural characteristics of different modes. Data storagesignificant in terms of assessing the computational complexity of the transactions carried out over the data structure and the enormous complexity of the data structure.

Any data structure is a description of one possible way to store the end mass of D data in memory. At the same time, each element of a multiplicity of data is placed reciprocally in conformity with the P address from many accessible memory addresses.

The data structure, other than useful information in the form of data elements, often stores information on the links between the elements. The data element, together with performance information, will be further referred to as the data structure component. Thus, there are many C components of the data structure and multiplicity that determine the reciprocal consistency of the data elements in the structure. In order to take account of the links between the data structure components, we will make a clear alignment.

To date, two main modes of data organization, the vector and the list, are used in the construction of complex data structures.

The organization ' s vector mode involves the sequential positioning of single-type (one size) elements in the continuous memory area. This position allows the address of any vector element to be determined at its number, first element address and size. In doing so, the address of the current element can be determined at the address of any element on the left or right. The vector component may be: data element, data indicator or data structure, data key (in which case data are stored separately), sign or flag (characteristic vector).

The component of the vector will be the data element, and the many links of components F will be the decarto of a multiplicity from within itself, that is.

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