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Data storage: Key Architectures and Principles for Relative Subditions
Технологический центр Дойче Банка — это структура для IT-поддержки

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The article describes the basic architectures of data warehouses, discusses some general principles for their construction. Detailed descriptions of how to present hierarchies in the relays data structure


In the early eighties of the past century, during the rapid development of registering information systems, there was an understanding of the limited availability of data for data analysis and the building of support and decision-making systems on them. Recording systems were established to automate routine business operations generating accounts, processing contracts, checking warehouses, etc., and line staff were the main users of such systems. The main requirements for such systems were to ensure the transactionality of the changes made and to maximize their speed. These are the requirements that identified the selection of the relaying CBDs and the model for the presentation of the data link as the main technical solutions used in the construction of the registration systems.

Managers and analysts in turn require systems that allow:

Analyse information in the interim;

Formulate arbitrary requests to the system;

Process large amounts of data;

Integrate data from various registering systems.

Clearly, registration systems did not meet any of the above requirements. In the registering system, information is relevant only at the time of the database application, at the next point of time on the same request, you can get a completely different result. The registering system interface is designed to conduct hard-core transactions and to produce results on unregulated (ad-hoc) query is severely limited. The potential for processing large data sets is also low due to the installation of short-trained CBDs and the inevitable slowdown of other users.

A response to this need was the emergence of a new technology for the organization of data repositories technology databases.

Definition and Model Architectures of CBMs

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