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Ses and Horses Agreement on the Storage of Personal Data may be cancelled

In 2013, an Austrian human rights defender Max Schrems accused Facebook of violating European personal data protection laws

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Bo ' s proposal on Wednesday is not binding in court, but it may pose a threat to the business of many companies, both in Europe and in America, which now use the so-called legal " safe harbour " , to keep the personal data of European users in the United States.

Similar proposals have long been made by defence advocates Personal dataconcerned about the espionage activities of American intelligence agencies. " The surveillance by the United States is mass, non-selective and, under such conditions, third countries are in no way able to provide adequate security " , Bo states.

Following this statement, officials from the European Commission may expedite the development of a new version of the " safe harbour " agreement, taking into account the opinion of the attorney-general, and the European Court may make a final decision in this regard at the end of this year or at the beginning of the following year. However, companies that have to store personal data remain unaware of the future of the agreement. " The agreement is under threat from Eduardo Ustaran, a lawyer from Hogan Lovells, serving a number of American high-technology companies. Uncertainty has only increased. "

The current agreement was reached 15 years ago, and many companies refer to its provisions from Apple to Zynga. They store European data in the United States and regularly confirm that EU personal information laws are in compliance. But following the disclosures made by the former U.S. National Security Agency contractor, Edward Snowden, European lawyers and human rights defenders are calling for the renunciation of the current agreement, the European Commission is also insisting on its renewal. Over the past two years, Washington and Brussels have been trying to develop an updated version of the agreement, and in recent weeks they have repeatedly stated that these efforts are nearing completion. Differences remain, however, between the parties regarding precisely the problems that Bo mentioned and which European judges are facing.

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