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Data Storage Structure 1C 8.3

Database storage structure (management forms)
Извлечение данных из БД 1С: проблемы с перечислениями / Хабрахабр

Platform 1C is a high-level tool for handling databases. In general, the developer does not need to wonder what and what happens on the side of the OBD system, because the platform itself decides how many tables and what fields within it will be.

However, in major projects, there is a need to work directly with data, for example, to analyse information by outside means or, as in my case, to integrate the base. External data annexes. In such a situation, there is a need to know in which fields of physical tables we need information.

This is the case where a built-in function is intended. Receive the Guardianship of Bazanreturning all necessary data in the form of a table of values. However, some of the requisitions (fields and indices) of this table are themselves tables of values.

On the one hand, all data in the same structure are convenient, but on the other hand, there are additional difficulties in transferring the table to the client (the method is unfortunately not uploading the tables). It is therefore necessary to run all the tables in the cycle, which, with large volumes, results in a slowdown.

The best option would therefore be to refer the names of metadata objects to reduce the volume of data returned. However, not all of the DSB tables are connected to the metadata configuration, so I left the opportunity to examine the complete list.

Processing function

In revitalizing the meta-data tree, the list of tables, fields and indices will be completed. All tables, including service lines, are displayed at the root of the tree (not recommended, as the amount of data searched is increasing).

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