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Long-term maintenance of data in the field /b constituent
Хранение шифрованных данных в облаке средствами Mac OS X / Хабрахабр


CDD Petabite Economy is much more cost-effective, commercial solutions are more flexible than commercial SDS solutions.


A data storage system based on the PTC of the technical complex may be implemented under the management of Certified NEOs (FSTEC-NIV2, CNDD-3; MONIV2; CNDD 1 class).


This decision does not allow the use of a journal in the recording of data, which significantly increases the productivity of CCBs without an assigned journal on SSD.


Data storage system Established with SDS technology and implemented on SATA or SAS discs (for choice). It is possible to reconfigurate the decision on top-speed SSD disks connected to the NVMe tyre as well as the Cash Complex (SSD+SATA/SAS) in different proportions to achieve optimum productivity and data storage.


OpenStack, standard logic.


Access to the data storage system is possible both for Ethernet technology at speeds 10/25/40/50 Gbit/s and for Fibre Channel technology at speeds 4/8/16 Gbit/ with reserving technology channels.


Non-sustainability, self-recovery, balance of load.


The solution is extended to dozens of Petabite and has a characteristic of absolute resistance.


CloudDC has the necessary resources of a high degree of competence to store large quantities of data.

protection of information

The protection of the information processed is provided by means RAID or by software (programme-designated storage or SDS) using excess resplic (copies) or error correction codes (Erasure Code).


All data are stored in a reliable Russian date-centre of TIER III on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Test results

This decision has passed the load tests in a stable manner. The decision demonstrated productivity in the recording, for example, video content of up to 20 Gbit/s with no " lingering " .

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