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Минкомсвязи предложило снизить требования к хранению данных по

Why would Packet Yarovoy forever change the fate of the Russian Internet?

“The law does not offer to keep information. The law only gives the Government of the Russian Federation the right to determine, within two years, something to be stored or not to what extent it has noted. "

“There is no law regulating this matter. The law only establishes the powers of the Government " , adding a deputy. She said that " there was no reason to increase communications services " .

“This is unequivocal, categorical and unambiguous. Because the fact that the law sets requirements for volume is not credible is that Yarovai indicated.

She suggested that companies " had a desire to just raise tariffs and wanted to find some convenience " . " There is absolutely no reason to travel. Because there is nothing in the law that would make it more expensive than anything " , she emphasized.

The anti-terrorist package of laws developed by Yarov, as well as the head of the Defence and Security Council committee, Victor Lakes, provides for life imprisonment for international terrorism, criminal responsibility for terrorism since the age of 14. Communications operatorsMassangers and social media store all information on the content of conversations and user correspondence.

The document amends the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, as well as 10 separate laws. He was the Federation Council on 29 June.

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