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Personal Data Storage Requirements

Storage of personal data in roses: requirements and decisions
Cоблюдаете ли вы требования к хранению персональных данных на сайте?

Interest in further changes in personal data legislation (Federal Act No. 242-FZ) has increased due to the rapid implementation of the legislator ' s initiative to bring them closer to their entry into force. In replacement of the original time limit for the amendment from 01 September 2016, it is anticipated that the new regulations will be formally implemented in less than one month in the draft legislation has reached the third reading in the DG F.

Scope of changes in personal data legislation

A key innovation is the addition of Federal Act No. 152-FZ of 27 July 2006 on personal data to oblige operators to collect personal data from citizens of the Russian Federation, including through the Internet, to ensure their recording, stockpiling, storage and other legally specific activities using databases in the Russian Federation.

Contains a rule and list of exceptions to this obligation, but they are directed to the public sector (process of justice, public and municipal services provided for in international treaties, in the exercise of separate statutory powers by operators) rather than to the entrepreneurial environment in which, as exceptions, only processing is available Personal data As part of the work of journalists and the media.

In order to ensure the enforcement of new requirements in practice, the Federal Act of 27 July 2006 No 149-FZ on Information, Information Technology and Protection of Information introduces new rules, which are established site blocking for personal data processing violations♪ A register of relevant offenders will be maintained under the supervision of the Roscoe Surveillance through judicial decisions.

Implications of the introduction of the territorial principle of personal data processing

The conditions set out above require companies to review the processing of personal data collected in Russia. New standards are relevant to the widest range of Internet services, from traditional online booking, trade and entertainment to cloud technology services.

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