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Personal employee data: how to protect information

Workers ' personal data include not only information that is created during the working process, but also any other information concerning the personal life of both the staff member and his family.

Which relates to personal employee data

The law clearly defines the concept of personal data. Regulation and control in this area is important for both the employer and the firm ' s employee.

Personal data according to article 3 of Federal Act No. 152 on personal data are information that is relevant to a citizen or is determined on the basis of such information, including:

  • Name, name and, if any, patrimony;
  • Year, month, date and place of birth;
  • Registration address;
  • Family, social and property status;
  • Education and specialization;
  • income and other information.

The Act contains a voluminous list of data relevant to the personal data of the citizen.

But, for example, information on the social and property status of a person has nothing to do with his work process. In this regard, the Labour Code of the Russian Federation provides a more precise definition of the staff member ' s personal data.

For example, according to article 85 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, the personal data of the worker are the information that the employer needs in order to form an employment relationship with the employee of his company. In other words, this is the information that gives a citizen a character as an employee.

There are often situations in which the employer violates the right of staff to maintain the confidentiality of their personal data. At the same time, the legislation establishes serious liability for ignoring the rules for the storage and transfer of personal data of employees.

Normally the collection process Use of personal data The employees in the company are staffed by personnel and accounting specialists. Obligations of non-disclosure should be specified in the work contract with employees who process personal data.

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