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Пять проектов ИТ-компаний одобрены на заседании наблюдательного

Presently, pursuant to the requirements of the Federal Act No. 152-FZ of Personal Data, You agree with the Limited Liability Society (location: Moscow City, Petrovsco-Razumov Alley, d.12A, p. 36) (hereinafter " Operation " ), to collect and process their personal data, including the transfer of personal data to third parties in order to achieve the following objectives.

The purpose of the collection and processing (including dissemination) of personal data is to conduct surveys, questionnaires, contests, shares, advertisements, distribution of promotional materials by Operator ' s partners, etc.

Storage of personal data for these purposes may be carried out up to 10 years unless otherwise provided by law.

The personal data to be processed by the authorization include data provided for the completion of questionnaires for participation in Operator activities.

The processing of personal data includes the commission of actions provided for in article 3, paragraph 3, of the Federal Act of 27 July 2006 N 152-FZ on personal data, including but not limited to: collection, systematization, stockpiling, storage, updating, use, default, blocking, destruction, and any other actions with your personal data provided for in the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The operator has the right to process your personal data by entering electronic databases, listing on the lists (records) and reporting forms provided for in the reporting documents (documents).

The processing of personal data can be both automated and unutilized.

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