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How to load and store games and ps4 applications on the outer hard drive

Updating the PS4 system software to version 4.50 gave a new opportunity to download and store games and applications on the external hard drive. The external hard drive is very easy to build and use PS4 or PS4 Pro, and this instruction can help you deal with all possible issues.

Minimum requirements for hard drive

Before buying a new data retention device or using existing ones, remember that it should meet the minimum requirements for use with your PS4:

Connectivity: USB 3.0

Memory: 250 Gb (min.) - 8 Tb (max.)

Look, not all external disks can be compatible with your system.

Open the external hard drive.

Most Data storage devices have a specific format (usually NTFS/ExFAT/MAC).TITLE In order to prepare a device for use with PS4, it shall be classified into a specific type:

  • Go to the menu on the start-up PS4.
  • Get down to the menu of the Devices.
  • Choose the USB Digners.
  • Choose an external hard drive, then press "Format as an external repository."

You will see a number of warnings that all the previously established data will be removed in the format of the device, so before you press "OK," make sure there's nothing on the device that you don't want to lose.

It is also important to note that, following the presentation of the external hard drive into a special format for PS4, you can only use it for PS4 games and applications, you will not be able to post documents, pictures and other types of material until you re-form it.

At the end of the format, you will see a message confirming that it has passed successfully, and a small green indicator will appear next to the name of the device reporting that the device is activated as the main reservoir.

External hard drive/internal memory

After formatting, your external hard drive will be installed as a default loading point while it remains connected to the system.

If you want to re-emergize the PS4 internal memory as a downloading location (and then re-elect an external hard drive), it's also very simple to do:

  • Move to the menu of your PS4.
  • Get down to the menu of the Family.
  • Choose the place for loading - memory of the system or external hard drive.
  • Press the " Parameters " button and select the " Applicable Mestop " to establish the desired loading location, either the " Parameters " or the " External Repository " .

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