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A hard drive or a Winchester, - basic computer storage. Contemporary rigid discs are high capacity (heights and even thousands of gigabytes), speed and reliability, and not very high cost. They usually have an operating system, applications and data processing. In addition, a large number of drawings, music, videos and other voluminous information can be stored here.

In modern computers, hard drives with three different interfaces can be found.

IDE, or ATA. According to this interface, hard drives are connected to the controller with a 40- or 80-floor. Two devices may be connected to one fold, but it is necessary to correctly release the reservoir ' s bundles and check the parameters of the storage device in BIOS.

Serial ATA, or SATA. This interface has a higher speed than ATA and is supported by all modern system charges. Unlike IDE, the data are transmitted successively lio to the seven-wheel cable, and the canpgars 11 are automatically repatriated.

SCSI. Production parallel interface normally used in server systems. System charges with built-in support for SCSI are very rare, so additional SCSI monitors are usually required to connect SCSI. Some new systems have a consistent version of the SCSI-SAS interface (Serial Attached SCSI).


Although diskettes are considered obsolete storage facility information, their use is sometimes justified and, in some cases, even necessary. For example, diskettes can be used to update or restore BIOS, and some system charges have the only way to update or re-establish diskettes.

The diskette diskette shall be installed in the corresponding system unit niche and connected to the controller of the system fee with a hat and to the power unit with a four-wing cab.

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