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Future magnetic tape: 220 terabite on one bean
imageResearchers recorded 123 billion uncompressed data battles per square inch of cheap magnetic tape. There were 220 terabite of information on the entire cartridge. Thus, scientists exceeded the LTO-6 standard, which had been in place since 2012, by 88 times, which provided for 2, 5 TB data for the middle class product.

This device, according to scientists from IBM, is capable of recording data on a magnetic tape with an efficiency of 123 billion bundles per square inch. Scientists used 10 centimeters in diameter and 2 centimetres wide.

“Lenta is in fact growing”, by Mark Lance, head of research group IBM Research in Zurich, Switzerland. While demand for magnetic tapes falls in consumer and SMB markets due to lower prices for hard drives, archival technologies " reproduce " this information storage device. Another factor in the revival of the magnetic tape is the slowdown of the growth of the hard drive, which is hard to catch Moore's law, notes Lance.

IBM is not announcing the finished product yet, but sees its future in cloud storage systems. According to Lance, several companies offer cloud solutions using magnetic tape. The advantage of technology is at a price: each gigabyte is between 2 and 3 cents. And minus is in time, because from a few dozen seconds to a minute, you need to access files. Technology is suitable for data that do not require high speed. In particular, about 80 per cent of corporate data can be recorded on tape.

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