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Problem Data storage and their security is one of the most important problems of any computer owner. And when there's too much data, another problem is the problem of information management.

Our reader, Vitaly Goubsky, tells us how to store files so that any carrier in any operating system and without any additional software can always be seen in the right order. The author ' s script and paragraph were retained.

Data storage and security is an important problem for any computer owner. And when data are too much, another problem is the problem of information management. Some of them can be solved with Windows, some side-by-side software, but here I will try to tell you how to organize my data so that any host in any operating system (even Dos), and without any programme, you will see your data in order. It's worth telling me that this article for someone I don't open up anything new, that's how many people are organized, but not many.

Many users have all the data they need to store either on the " work table " or on my " documents " , and, as the actual data are shown, they are not so much stored in one folder. It makes it very difficult to find the necessary information, not God in the wreckage and the reconstruction process. And the user himself can simply forget what he had, and the information can't be restored.

We'll look at Windows. We only take files, folders and labels to the base, which ensures that your information will be displayed equally in all the POs.

There are several types of information organization in Windows:

(1) Types of files: n catalogues are created by type of information (video, music, photo) and, accordingly, expansion files are stored in these files. It's a good way to do backup programmes, and now the library at Windows 7.

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