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As soon as you have more than one computer in your office, the problem of access to files from all the office PCs has to be solved. You've probably been in a lot of situations where the files are stored on the computer that's now off or suddenly it turns out that the files are on the laptop that went with one of your employees to a business meeting or home. It's not over.

But there's a way out!

Central data storage.

The proposed solution is to establish a single centralized warehouse of all the files required for your staff. It's not a computer, it doesn't have to be switched off (working 24 hours a day) and it's not dependent on office computers, it has a large capacity. Data storage disk at the same time accessible to all devices connected to the office network.

It is important to note that, in the face of a rapid increase in the volume of information, the possibility of generating the largest digital archive through a network repository becomes a pressing and pressing issue.
In the case of multiple-discipline reservoirs, you are given access to non-sustainable storage, which greatly enhances reliability.

The use of the network repository is recommended in conjunction with the uninterrupted power supply (SBP), then your data will be protected against loss as a result of possible power failure.

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