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Computer operational memory

компьютерная памятьOperational memory is one of the main components of the computer, and without it, the system is impossible. The size and characteristics of the operational memory system directly affect the speed of the computer. Let's find out at a simple consumer level what it is and why it's in the computer.

As already understood by the name, the operational memory of a computer or a PPE (operative memorial) on the computer heath of the " Operative " , as well as the " memory " , serves to store the data required for work in a timely manner. However, such an explanation is not entirely clear what is temporary and why keep them in an operational position when there is a hard drive.

Here we have reached a fundamental difference in the device and the assignment of these two computer subsystems. In the hard drive article, we have already raised this issue and, in order to gain a better understanding of the issue, you are encouraged to read it. Here, we will consider the issue in greater detail from the computer's operational memory.планка памяти Since the material is intended for start-up computer users and people who want to know more about its design, we will not go into standards, technical implementation of different types of operations and other complex technical points that are interesting only to engineers, but we will consider the issue from the perspective of a normal person.

Just answer the question, which means temporary storage of data♪ The operational memory is designed so that the data are retained only as long as it is pressurized, so it is an energy-dependent memory as opposed to a hard drive. The release of the computer, the reloading cleans the operational memory and all the data in it at that time are removed. Even a short-term stress over the memory plans can remove them or cause damage to a separate part of the information. In other words, the operational memory of the computer stores the data downloaded within a maximum of one computer session.

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