Data Storage

Basic Long-Term Data Storage Device

Lesson 4
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External memory is a memory that is carried out in the form of external, relative to the mother ' s fees, devices with different storage principles and types of media intended for long-term storage. In particular, the external memory stores all computer software. External memory devices can be located both in the computer system unit and in individual hulls. Physically, the external memory is realized as a reservoir. Dumpers are replacement devices designed for long (which does not depend on electricity) storage of large quantities of information. The storage capacity is hundreds of times greater than the capacity of the operational memory or even unrestricted when it comes to replacement reservoirs.

The holder may be regarded as a combination of the host and the corresponding transmission. Differents with replacement and permanent carriers. The link is the integration of the reading-writing mechanism with relevant electronic management schemes. Its design is guided by the principle of action and the type of host. The host is the physical environment. storage information, by appearance, may be disc or tape. Reminders distinguish magnetic, optical and magnetotic hosts. The staircases can only be magnetic, disk hosts use magnetic, magnetic and optical methods of recording the information.

The most common are magnetic disk reservoirs, which are divided on Reservoirs on hard magnetic disks (NU) and Flexible magnetic disk reservoirs (NGMD) and optical disk reservoirs, such as CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-ROM.

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