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Many companies use long-term backup and backup of critical information. It is difficult to understand: a fairly cheap, simple and reliable method of data storage that has been successfully used for many years - the life of the cartridge is 2 to 3 years, the information comes from a lot, the baccap is written faster than the classical disk systems, in other words, why change something if it suits you?

It's expensive and inefficient to keep the backpacks and the backpacks on the disk system, and repairing any of the baccalas isn't so often necessary, so the overall system's incredibly unsettled with little concern.

Fortunately, the world is not standing, the technology is developing, and today the VTL (virtual tape library) has already reached the cost of possession of the tape archives, many times exceeding them in a number of other parameters. Let's figure out what the tape is about to cover, and shouldn't it be time to go to the disk libraries?

Image #1864362, 151.3 KBThe Lento Archive is certainly a safe and simple way to protect the information, but it is not deprived of the deficiencies directly deriving from its tape nature, mainly those difficulties are related to the rebuilding of small files:
  • Considerable time to search for data;
  • One application may load one transmission at 100 per cent, causing problems for the backup to other applications; *
  • The inability of simultaneous reading and recordings if all the transmissions are engaged in anything (to wait for complete completion of the operation);
  • Complexity of quality control and correctness of recording.

* Accept: literate multi-speed software.

The diskwasher is stripped of all these shortcomings:

  • Finding vinchester data hundreds of times faster than on the tape that needs to be found in the archive, bringing, inserting, rewinding, starting the reading;
  • VTL can emulate dozens and hundreds of drives at a time: parallel copying and remediation for many applications without increasing the cost of ownership of the system;
  • High reliability of data storage: server hard drives are operated in the fastest years, VTL system load is not very familiar. In addition, all data are copied within the VTL itself and protected by RAID Massive, which increases both the reliability of data storage and the complexity of unauthorized access to it: even if several hard drives can be stolen, there will be no real holistic information on them.

If I had been asked to give a short description of all the advantages of disk baccoons, I wouldn't think about answering: speed, reliability, scale and flexibility.

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