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List Of Personal Data Storage Sites

Protection of information
Организация защиты персональный данных в организации по ФЗ №152-ФЗ

01. Act establishing personal data security levels
02. Destruction of documents containing personal data
03. Personal data log
04. Personal data information system reserve journal
05. Press register of documents containing personal data
06. Personal data log
07. Journal of registration of written requests from citizens for access to their personal data
08. Journal of registration of citizens ' communications to access their personal data
09. Instruction on admission of persons to personal data processing facilities
10. Instruction on backup and recovery of personal data processed in information systems
11. Instruction to monitor compliance with personal data protection requirements
12. List of personal data information systems
13. Provision for personal data management
14. Status of processing of personal data of entities
15. Personal data protection plan
16. Internal security audit plan
17. Liability for processing and protection of personal data
18. Order for the approval of a list of persons who have access to premises where personal data are allowed
19. Order for the approval of personal data storage facilities
20. Order establishing a commission for the classification of personal data information systems
21. Personal data information system technical passport
22. Model form of explanation of the effect of non-provision of personal data
23. Standard form of withdrawal of the consent of the subject of personal data
24. Standard form of notification of personal data processing
25. Standard form of non-disclosure obligation
26. Personal data processing template for third parties
27. Conclusion on the assessment of injury to personal data entities
28. Description of the definition of information protection measures in the personal data information system

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