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Storage Of Biometric Personal Data

Storage and destruction of biometric personal data on the characteristics of the folding of fingers
Бухгалтерский учет » Заключение договора на основании оферты

Russian Federation Regulation No. 771 of 16 December 2016 approved "Procedures for obtaining, recording, storing, classifying, using, issuing and destroying biometric personal data on the characteristics of the folding of fingers and (or) hand pallets of a person to identify, receive biological material and process genome information as part of border control" .

Biometrics and genetic information are used to deal with the Federal Security Service ' s intelligence, counter-intelligence, border, counter-terrorism and crime-related tasks, as well as information security (P.2).

Biometric data and biological material are obtained by border officials at special facilities at crossing points across the State border of the Russian Federation (P.3).

The storage and classification of genome information obtained under the procedures of this Order shall be carried out by the Russian Federation ' s technical, technical and scientific support unit for security agencies in the field of forensic science by establishing and maintaining an information system of accounting (P.13).

Biometric data and genetic information are processed, recorded, classified and stored in security information systems in conditions that prevent their loss, damage, distortion, unauthorized access and transmission (P.14). They are destroyed after a controlled person has reached 80 or 15 years after death Controlled person (P.15).

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