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Microsoft is establishing a thread database system

днкMicrosoft is developing a data storage system that will operate on the basis of DNA. The launch of such a system is planned for 2020.

The first serious research on the use of DNA in data storage systems, the company started last spring. Then scientists from Washington University, together with Microsoft, 10 million threads of synthetic DNA from the Twist Bioscience biotech company. Microsoft wanted to use semiconductor synthetic genetic material to encrypt digital information and to improve data storage and retrieval systems. Last month, representatives of Microsoft announced the purchase of a second instalment of 10 million synthetic DNA.

Why DNA if there's a cloud?

According to a recent study, demand for information repository will grow by 40 per cent per year. In 10 years it will take 50 times more data storage space. All this implies the continuous updating, correction and replacement of the obsolete software needed to maintain data.

According to Karina Strauss, Doctors of Science and Senior Researcher in Microsoft:

Demand for improved data storage systems is growing at an enormous rate. New decision long-term data storage The outlook will benefit organizations and individuals wishing to store large amounts of information, such as medical data or video files. We think that this decision will be obtained with DNA technology.

Strauss claims that the results are welcome now, given that such technology has not yet been particularly available in the technical field.

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