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AERODISK - Системы хранения данных Российского производства. СХД

NetApp is one of the leading producers of data storage systems. Innovative NetApp solutions help companies around the world to store, manage and protect their most valuable asset, corporate data. NetApp corporate culture allows for the engagement of best professionals and partners in the industry so that its customers can succeed.


• Founded in 1992.

:: Income 6, $1 billion USA, more than 12,000 staff, more than 150 offices

• ONTAP - No. 1 among LOs used in systems Data storage

♪ For 13 years, he has been on the top 100 companies in the version of the FORTUNE magazine (100 Best Companies to Work For web)

♪ In 2016, he became a leader in the growing sale of Flash equipment.

• Included in the indexes SPO 500 and NASDAQ 100

NetApp has been recognized because modern technology is constantly improving so that customers do not have to choose between reasonable savings and the acquisition of the resources necessary for successful businesses. Innovative solutions and technologies enable NetApp to remain the leader of the Dunno Storage System for years.
• ONTAP is the most popular operating system for effective data management (within the CCC), which covers the local office, data centre and cloud.
♪ NetApp includes hybrid and super-productive flash drives designed to accelerate business processes.
♪ NetApp for large data work facilitates the management of large-scale data storage systems.
♪ Using E-Series, users can provide effective support to loads that require high productivity and extensive CD space.
♪ Lead companies around the world rely on systems and services and software NetApp for data storage and management.
NetApp for Data Storage and Management (RU) Review Presentation NetApp (RU) Partners NetApp (RU)

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