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The Ministry of Communications and Mines is developing a system for the storage of data on the education of Russians

imageThe Ministry of Education ' s Ministry of Education is developing an electronic “Contingent” system to record and store data on the education received by the Russians, and is informed by “Justia” in the “Contingent” for 25 years, information will be kept on the education received by the citizens of the Russian Federation from the base to the higher levels. The limited period of storage explains the associated costs of the system ' s infrastructure.

Full information will not be removed. Education records will be de-personalized and removed from the Contingent. This procedure will preserve statistical information but will not link the record to a particular person. Retention of information on their education will be possible only when directly referred to the Ministry of Education.
The Accountant will be a duplicate accounting mechanism. Classical paper diplomas, which are hand-delivered to graduates, will also continue to exist. In the Ministry of Education, however, it is considered that the electronic accounting system will, first and foremost, reduce the number of " leap " diplomas, while also helping employers to obtain reliable information on potential or current employees.

Another nuance of the Contingent is that 25 years of storage begins with the latest change in the database. I mean, if a person, on parole, ends at 23 years, and at 30 years the second higher or any other education, at the end of school or at the time of graduation, the information about it is updated to reset the period of storage. In the Ministry of Education, it is felt that such an approach would lead to Data storage the education of Russians for most of their life and work.

" Information will be kept for 25 years from the last change. With a probability close to 100%, in these 25 years, a man will learn or learn. Accordingly, the time limit for the storage of information is moving " , explained by Oleg Kachanov, Director of the Department of Information and Communications Projects.

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