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Fujitsu Data Storage System


Fujitsu operates data storage systems projects, from original idea and planning to successful implementation

Using the " business-oriented data storage systems " strategy, Fujitsu develops and delivers ETERNUS DX disk systems at the datablock level and ETERNUS data protection devices, allowing customers to manage less costly and to benefit from highly reliable architecture and radical business process simplification.

While traditional suppliers offer a variety of dispersed data storage architectures for both the primary and middle market segments and the high-end segment, ETERNUS DX systems provide uniforms Data storage management♪ This approach to architecture is beneficial to clients and partners, as it reduces business growth costs, simplifys business processes and enhances system universality.

Another basic component of the strategy for the universal and safe storage of Fujitsu data is the radical simplification of the IT infrastructure for data protection, including backup and data archiving. Simplification is achieved through the ETERNUS CS product approach, which calls for the establishment of devices that accelerate deployment, simplify business processes and reduces the volume of work done to support decisions. For traditional data reservoirs, we offer ETERNUS LT systems based on magnetic tape reservoirs.

Fujitsu ' s own technology and a wide range of services offered are complemented by the products of the partners that are leaders in data storage technology, enabling clients to develop and use dynamic infrastructures for data management and protection.

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