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Ocpd 2 Data Storage System

Description of octopus 2 sections
Окпд 2 ремонт и заправка оргтехники

This section includes:

- Use of plant and animal natural resources, including cereals, animal content and breeding;

Receiving wood and other plants, animals or animal products on farm or natural habitat.

Section B

This section includes:

- extraction of minerals found in the nature of solid species (coal and ore) in liquid (oil) or gaseous (natural gas).

The production may be carried out by various methods, such as underground or open development of deposits, drilling of wells, seabed mining, etc.

This section also includes:

Additional activities to prepare raw materials for implementation: fragmentation, milling, cleaning, drying, ore enrichment, coal enrichment, natural gas burning and agglomeration of solid fuels.

These types of work are usually performed by economic operators who are themselves engaged in mining and/or located in the mining area. Mining is classified in groups by type of main extracted minerals.

Groups 05 and 06 include:

- Fuel and energy extraction (cam coal, brown coal (lignite), oil and gas).

Groups 07 and 08 include:

- extraction of metal ores, various minerals and minerals.

Some of the technological processes under this heading, in particular hydrocarbon extraction processes, may also be carried out by specialized third-party enterprises as production services described in cluster 9.

This section does not include:

- Processing of recovered/explosive minerals, see section C (Contracting);

- The use of recovered materials without further processing for construction purposes, see section F (Monitoria);

- Pushing key and mineral water from sources and wells into bottles, see 11.07;

- fragmentation, grinding and other treatment of certain soils, mining and minerals not associated with mining operations, see 23.9.

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