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Requirements for the storage of video-data of network roub tier/b upgrade systems

Requirements for the storage of video-data video surveillance systems

Of the two compression techniques supported by the Baxall system, the most suitable standard H.261 is for the flow coding and archiving of the CCTV systems at an average speed of 400 kbit/s per flow. In many cases, for example, airports and highways, where activity is almost constant within a day, the system is required to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in real time. On the other hand, systems, such as retailers or companies ' offices, operate with a fixed frequency of renewal, and traffic activity in such systems does not play a role.

Airport surveillance systems

All subsystems of their infrastructure, including access control, fire detection, engineering and television systems, need to be centralized in large facilities. Such a decision is most relevant to airports, highways and railways, where the significant length of the monitoring area is the determining factor, which necessitates large costs of cabling and other work. A control centre with remote and multi-use access to real-time videotape should be set up for such facilities requiring enhanced security, as well as security Video storage

For example, the standard centralized airport surveillance system uses between 500 and 700 video cameras with a distributed record, recordings are only required from some video cameras, and video recordings (and its backup) are kept for at least 31 days.

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