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Методы построения систем хранения данных

With the use of web-based information technologies, the spatial distribution of production becomes possible. For the firm ' s administration, it becomes indifferent to the location of production: in this building, 100 metres or 10,000 km. There are other problems, such as intercontinental supply, lumbar time, etc., as the planetary distribution of industrial production is possible. Transnational companies that carry out world merchandise exports within a firm can be established. However, the metropolitan economy, with 5 to 7 per cent of the economy of another country, is able to control 50 to 60 per cent of its economy. This is explained by the fact that, through the investment of knowledge-intensive technologies, the metropolitan country is able to influence and even control the economic and political development of another country. For example, 80 per cent of all international credit transactions are carried out by United States banks. The foreign exchange reserves of the central banks of the western countries are 75% American dollars, and 55 per cent of the international trade calculations are administered by United States dollars, i.e., the United States is paid with reproduced resources: information technology, science and technology, dollars. This is being made possible by the latest network technologies and communications.

One of the most important networking technologies is distributed data processing. Personal computers are in the workplace, i.e. where information is generated and used. They're connected with communication channels. This enabled them to allocate their resources to individual functional areas and to change data processing technology towards decentralization. Distributed data processing has improved the responsiveness of the information worker ' s changing information needs and thus provided flexibility in its decisions. Benefits of distributed data processing: a large number of interacting users who serve as collectors, record, store, transmit and deliver information; removal of peak loads from a centralized base by distributing local databases to different computers; access to information. ♪ ♪

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