Data Storage

Databases Are For Storage And Processing

Data storage systems

HPE MSA_2042The enterprise ' s use of centralized data storage and processing systems tends to result in an increased level of performance information. In addition to the technical difficulties associated with the maintenance of additional server equipment, the cost of information as a resource is also increasing. It is also important to see the issue of security, the complexity of which increases as the data repository increases.

The use of a database storage system as a separate element of the computing complex allows for faster access to and preservation of information. The IT infrastructure maintenance costs will be significantly optimized. Effective and safe storage of data in the information system depends largely on the quality of its design and implementation, and this task should be entrusted to experienced developers.

Directly connected data storage systems (DAS)

3PAR StoreServ 8400NAS-system - HPE StoreEasy


Creation of a single folder space to facilitate data transport, increase accessibility

Use of instant copies of data

Integrating several systems to scale productivity;

Effective management of file resources through automatic classification of files

High productivity through integration with software.

Network connection storage systems (SAN)

HPE Store Virtual

  • possibility of combining data between remote areas (clusterization)
  • capacity-building and productivity
  • load-balancing mechanisms between network hubs
  • cost reduction through the use of existing IP networks

Hewlett Packard Enterprise for Small and Medium-Sized Business, commonly known as HPE MSA (Modular Smart Array) has won the title of the most sold data storage system during its existence on the market. Main advantages of the updated MSA 2040/2042:

HPE StoreEasyNew functionality (Thin provisioning, Tiering, Wide striping and SSD caching) allows for optimization System data storageincrease the productivity of entry-out operations and reduce the total cost of ownership of CCCs.

MSA 2040 surpasses the previous generation (P2000 G3) by productivity 2-4 times.
The possibility of modernizing the existing P2000 G3 with the help of new controllers is exempt from data transfer and from the need to purchase new disks in replacement of previously used (new counterparts automatically recognize existing logic disks). This was made possible by data-in-pace technology. At the same time, you keep investments in hardware and the storage system becomes more productive.

HPE 3PAR Store Serv Storage

The powerful functions of virtualization are indispensable for the maintenance of cloud calculations.

HPE 3PAR Store Serv Storage will keep your data in any situation, even if the system is completely rejected.

  • flexible load balance
  • High bandwidth and wide scale
  • Virtualization of disk space to make the best use of existing reservoirs
  • is managed autonomously by software without " manual " interference.
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