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Db2 and xml: new db2 9: universal use xml
Отчеты и обработки 1с

The first five columns of the table use traditional SQL data types and track the information on the product sold, including its identification number, the manufacturer, the name of the goods, the storage unit (stock-keeping unit, SKU) and the proposed retail price (suggested retail price, SRP). The "comments " table contains XML data containing information on goods received from buyers.

Please note that the internal structure of XML-data is not specified when the XML table is established. It's defined by design itself. XML documents describe themselves and their internal structure can be very diverse. The only requirement that DB2 is to keep XML is that the data are " correctly formed " , i.e. conforming to the certain syntax rules set out in " W3C standard for XML " . See Resources section on the following Web site:

The Liberal Approach DB2 provides users with considerable flexibility and facilitates the storage of XML collections containing various attributes and internal structures arising from changes in business requirements or in situations where some information is missing or is non-material.

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