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Backup Windows 7

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Архивация и восстановлениеWith the Windows control panel, you can:

  • Carry out the archived files on the schedule and retrieve them from the backup copy
  • complete system
  • Create a downloading disk to restore Windows


The information in this article is applicable to Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Initially, it was about the possibilities of backup Windows 7, the creation of files and disk images. Windows 8 were replaced by file history and Windows recovery, respectively, without files removed (Refresh Your PC).

Резервное копированиеIncrease the drawing.

In Windows 10, the Refresh Your PC from Windows 8 ordered a long life, but the old Windows 7 possibilities remained. You can find them by the word of the reserve in the menu of Pusc or the old control panel.

Windows archive capacity 7

Windows 7 allows you to create both a backup copy of the folder and a full sample of hard drive sections.

Archives type Архивация и восстановлениеTechnology and opportunities User files
  • Archiving is done at the file level.
  • Maintenance of backup copies is possible for sections NTFS and FAT32.
  • Additions to the original archives are incremental (i.e. only modified files are added).
  • ZIP is used for compression.
  • It is possible to rehabilitate individual folders and libraries.
  • The archiving is carried out at the bloc level (the archive includes only the units used).
  • Maintenance of reserve Copies are only possible for NTFS sections.
  • The complete image remains in VHD format, with no compression of files. Later, images are incremental, i.e. only modified blocks are added.Архивация и восстановление This uses shadow copies. The subsequent creation of complete images is also possible.
  • The sections provide for the rapid recovery of LOs and files in the event of a breakdown of the hard drive.

These functions, coupled with the possibility of loading a recovery environment without an installation disk, can meet the needs of most home users. They may now be quite comfortable without backup programmes.

Changes in user interface

Архивация и восстановление Архивация и восстановление Архивация и восстановление Архивация и восстановление

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