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Reservation of information system

Система резервного копирования данныхData coping system - This is a programme to create copies of existing data structures (files, sites, databases, operating systems, etc.). The best backup program, like Handy Backup, can work with any data systems.

Flexible construction

With the help of Handyup, you can complete a full or partial backup of the system, retain some versions of the data set (if necessary, provided with time stamps in a convenient format), compress and encrypt the backup data, etc.


With the help of Handyup, you can copy the exact sample of the disk containing the image of the operating system and all the data. This image can subsequently be re-established on a flash drive, hard or SSD disk, or opened as a virtual disk containing a complete backup system.

Recommended decision for backup of the system

Decision Office Expert is the most multifunctional version of Handy Backup for one machine to provide backup to the Windows/Linux server or service station to any modern host.

Standby copy of the system Linux

Use Handy Backup for backup of the information system based on modern SQL-oriented SBBS (MS SQL, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, IBM DB2 and...

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