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The fastest servers and network connections in the world cannot be effective if the reading or recording speed of the data storage system (CDS) is low. Databases, time-consuming data analysis, online applications that need to be accessed directly by many users, and support for virtualized server environments or virtual workplaces - high system productivity, including CCS, is a prerequisite for all of these tasks. Otherwise, the CCB could become a " cut-off " , limiting the productivity of the entire system.

Solid reservoirs (SSD) can increase the data interchange rate hundreds of times, significantly above the output of hard drives. If all data used by the high-performance applications are stored in the CCB based on solid reservoirs, all productivity and quick-action problems will be resolved immediately. While solid reservoirs will be more expensive to look only at the price, additional costs will be offset if they are used in high-performance environments.

Temporary hard-wall solutions may also be expensive, but the productivity of such systems is much less than that provided in systems based on solid reservoirs.ETERNUS AF All-Flash Storage Approaches such as investing in specified CCBs for specific application, the distribution of data by maximum number of hard drives or frequent system design are, at best, temporary solutions. Their implementation usually leads to inadequate use of CCBs in general.

Flash technology is becoming more accessible, so more companies move their data storage systems to solid storage systems. To effectively meet the challenges of transition, including effective integration of flash and discs data storage systemsthe flexible use of optimization and business continuity technologies requires a partner to ensure the success of the project.

Change how you do business today-and keep pace in the future. NetApp All-Flash FAS systems combine all-flash performance with unified data management from flash to disk to cloud.

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