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Магазин открыл 110 банковских карт своих покупателей и 6

From a technical point of view, the receipt of a bank card to pay is always the write-off process from the buyer ' s map. This write-off process is called " pay " here. The payment may consist of one operation or sequence of operations. Depending on the terms and requirements of the seller ' s business, payments may have different characteristics. To ensure the successful payment process, the seller needs to understand in advance how and under what conditions the write-offs will be made from the buyer ' s map.

Payment rates

There are two main options for payment, one step and two stages:

Single payment

One-stage payment consists of the only transaction - direct write-off from the buyer's map.

To carry out this operation, a single-stage write-off team should be sent to the Payture server.

Two-stage payment

The two-stage payment consists of two card transactions, first, the freezing of funds on the map (repetition or freezing of funds), then the completion of the copying (description). The completion may be initiated by the seller within a few days of successful closure.

Order (local) of entry of bank card data

Payments are not limited to one-stage and two-stage payments, but there may also be differences in payment according to the method of entry of the pay card data. In one option, the buyer introduces its map parameters on the seller ' s website page, in the second case on the Payture server.

Depending on the option chosen, the payment procedure differs as described below:

Data entry on the seller ' s side

In this case, the user is on the seller ' s website for the entire payment, where he or she is in the process of entering his payment card data.

Data entry to Payture

In this case, the user is on the seller ' s website only until the time of entry of the data of his payment card, after which it automatically passes to the Payture page. Upon completion of the data entry, the user will be returned to the seller ' s website and informed of the results of the operation.

Need to register a map

The registration procedure makes it possible to link the payment card to the buyer ' s user profile on the Internet store and, in subsequent payments, not to insert its number and duration. In this case, the following write-off options are possible:

Payments without registration in Payture

It's the simplest option when the buyer, at each payment, enters his map. At the same time, the possibilities of Payture to register buyers ' cards are not used.

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