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The data elements in the IEC 61850 server are presented as wood and, subject to the support of the MMS protocol, the data values for each of the elements may be so calculated. However, for the formation of GOOSE messages, as well as for Data retention In the journals and in the form of reports, it is necessary to select what data should be traced. Data sets (DATASET) are being developed for this purpose.

Data collection is a set of references to data inside the information model of the device. The data set may be included as separate data attributes (e.g. recording) PTOC1.Str.general will correspond to one logical signal of the protection launch, and logical nodes in whole (e.g., PTOC1which would correspond to the inclusion of all data elements and attributes.

Depending on the implementation of the device, different data sets may be maintained. In addition, the devices may have fixed (i.e. when the data set cannot be altered) or configured data sets. There are also different degrees of freedom to shape data sets: data change, name change, etc.

The use of data sets is illustrated in rice. 3. When considering the counter-resortory of accession, which signals the status of all disconnectors and land-holders of the accession in question, the device shall contain logical nodes corresponding to each of the devices (in our case XSWI1...5). In this case, the example of the data set is DATASET with the name SwitchPositions, which includes elements of Pos data from each of the specified logic nodes. A further dataset may be used, for example, to maintain events in the journal at each change in the position of the switching apparatus (using Log service), to send the event report (using the Service Report) or to report quickly on the event (using the GOOSE service).

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