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How to avoid blocking the site under the Personal Data Act
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If the big players (Google, Apple) are more and less understandable, how are small projects that also work with data? For example, I am in my project seizing the e-mail of the user and the servers are in Germany, which means I can already be blocked.

But I recently learned that the Roscoe Watch is licensed to provide telematic services.

I would therefore like to ask the specialists, in this direction, do I think that if this license is obtained, the data will not be transported? Or are these completely different things?

Thank you!

Good afternoon!

For starters, a few words about website blocks. Indeed, on 1 September 2015, the Federal Act of N 149-FZ on Information, Information Technology and Protection of Information (hereinafter " the Information Act " ) will be amended to provide a new basis for limiting access to Internet resources, a violation of the rights of personal data entities. Traditionally, a new registry will be established for the new ground, this time the " violators of the rights of personal data entities " .

The inclusion of the site in the registry would involve the blocking of the site by the communication operators under the standard procedure. The registry will be subject to the court ' s decision on the individual ' s personal data claim or the Roskinadzor ' s own claim, and only if there is no response to the Roskundzor notification.

An action may be brought in connection with a violation of the Personal Data Act (both a new requirement for the use of databases in the territory of Russia and other requirements: in particular, the processing of personal data with the consent of users or other legal basis, the confidentiality of personal data and the technical requirements of personal data operators).

Now about the new requirement Personal data storage in Russia. It reads as follows: " When compiling personal data, including through the Internet information and telecommunications network, the operator is obliged to record, systematize, stockpiling, storage, clarification (update, modification), extraction of personal data of citizens of the Russian Federation using databases on the territory of the Russian Federation. "

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