Data Storage

Personal Data Custody Act

Compared to phs-152 " personal data " with "bitrix24 " and " 1s-bitrix "

We have prepared a universal “Agreement for the Processing of Personal Data” for and placed it in CRM formats and Open Lines.

In CRM formats

What should we do:

  1. Fill the company's requisitions in CRM building. This can also be done when agreement is developed in the CRM format.
  2. Indicate an e-mail to which customers will be able to request the removal of personal information. According to the law, such requests must be addressed. Only the e-mail of the address is now given, it can be left or changed in shape settings.
  3. Check in active form settings that consent is connected and correctly displayed to the client.

What do you get?

  1. Two validation options:
    • It's a tie in the form, which corresponds to the agreement of the " Hand over " button, I give my consent. ♪ ♪ ”
    • There's no tie under the uniform, it's gonna have to be put before the completed form is sent.
  2. CRM-form fields will be automatically included in the text of consent as personal data, even if this is merely a comment.
  3. In default settings, there is a tie to consent to the transfer of personal data to third parties. These persons may be listed (e.g. the Russian Post Office or the courier service) - they will also be included in the text of the consent.
  4. Options for use and timing could be selected or added Personal data storage
  5. The text of the consent also includes the e-mail for the removal of the data. If less than 20 users are on the portal, the e-mail of the portal administrator will be automatically delivered.

In the end, consent will look like:

Open lines

First, in the open-line settings, a personal data collection warning should be included.

When the client starts talking, there will be two reports warning of the need for consent to the processing of personal data.

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