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Violation Of The Personal Data Custody Act

10 most frequently identified violations of the personal data act
Роскомнадзор за год выявил 31 нарушение закона о хранении

In fact, FS-152 personal data storage requirements are limited to hour 5 s. 18, which determines the need for databases used for the storage of personal data of Russian citizens to be located on the territory of the Russian Federation. However, by-law - Government Decision No. 687 "Status of approval of the Personal Data Processing Provisions" - Demands:

  • Identification of specific storage sites with personal data;
  • separated Personal data storagefor various purposes;
  • Measures to protect and prevent unauthorized access to personal data.
Thus, many organizations experience that personal data are electronically stored correctly and legitimately, but paper questionnaires and other documents are stored with irregularities because they are not listed in FS-152.

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