Data Storage


Protection of workers

Условия защиты персональных данных работника

Conditions of protection employee personal data

All personal data of the employee according to the general rule Requested in person

The employee ' s written consent to the processing of personal data is mandatory in most cases if his personal data can only be obtained from a third party.

In addition, the employee should be informed of the objectives, intended sources and means of obtaining personal data, as well as the nature of the personal data received and the consequences of the employee ' s refusal to give written consent to personal data.

The employee ' s personal data on his political, religious and other beliefs, his membership in public associations or his trade union activities, and his private life are inviolable and not subject to treatment by the employer.

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Status of personal data of medical personnel


Способы обработки персональных данныхMaintenance of employee personal data

Personal employee data contain three groups of information:

  • Information received by the employer from different sources, but only with the wishes of the employee.
  • The information obtained by the employer from the employee itself is mandatory irrespective of the wishes of the employer.
    Such information includes the information contained in the documents that the worker provides when concluding an employment contract under article 65 of the TC:
  • Passport or other identification document;
  • Workbook;
  • State pension insurance certificate;
  • Military records;
  • Education document and (or) qualifications or expertise;
  • Report on the existence (no) of a criminal record and (or) of a criminal prosecution or the termination of criminal proceedings.
  • Information generated by the employer himself.
    This is an employee ' s information that the employer is accumulating throughout the work of the person, for example:
  • Personal data processing techniques

    The collection and processing of personal data, in accordance with legislation, is carried out in two ways: automated and non-automatic.

    Automated processing of personal data is understood as processing by means of computing equipment. Electronic computing machines, complexes and networks, auxiliary and peripheral devices, including established software, can be computerized.

    Содержание персональных данных работника Защита персональных данных работников Особенности автоматизированной защиты персональных данных Особенности неавтоматизированной обработки персональных данных

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