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Data Storage System Ibm Storwize V3700

Ibm released a new generation of data storage systems - storwize v5000 gen2

Last month, a new generation of Storwize v5000 Gen2 from IBM became known. Now, a model series of systems includes three main models, this is v5010, v5020, v5030. Each of the models differs in hardware and in the presence or absence of certain functions. However, all models now support the installation of FC 16Gb daughter cards, and it is also possible to equip any of the SAS 12G host-port models (in V5000 there is no such possibility).

IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software for Storwize V50x0 V7.6. 1. Plus, the user can get a few additional options. More detail on the characteristics of all three models - in continuation.
Storwize v5010

Systems developers added several innovations, including:
Integrated Comprestimator is an integrated web-based tool that enables real-time Compression technology to evaluate the efficiency of the optimization of the disc space;
• Distributed RAID - this technology allows RAID-5 and RAID-6 masses to be built on large disk sets (wide striped). This, in turn, makes it virtually impossible to " simple " hotspare discs in normal work, as well as to reload such discs when the whole body is re-formed in the event of a disc malfunction. As a result, the user of the system receives significant gains in time;
• IP quorum base support - use the host of IP-arbitra to replace the FC repository in the process of establishing two-tier configurations of high accessibility using HyperSwap. HyperSwap is available only for the v5030 model.

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