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Database Storage Techniques

Базы данных, поддерживаемые AggreGate: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SybaseAggreGate Server stores a large number of data collected and internally generated on the network of devices, namely:

  • Definitions and configuration of server modules and systems resources
  • Journal of registration of all systemic operations and developments
  • Historical values of the metre of devices
  • Ongoing developments from the network
  • Story of synthetic internal meter and events

All data stored by the server are divided into two main groups: configuration and events. This simple separation provides absolute flexibility in adding new types of devices and business objects without change Data storage

AggreGate Server provides several types of storage of configurations and events:

Configuration storage

The configuration of the system and devices may be organized as follows:

  • Database♪ Any enterprise level management system may retain configuration data. The server is delivered together with the built-in database or the MySQL database, which is tentatively designed to achieve optimal productivity. The relay database can be merged into high-availability clusters using its own AggreGate technology or its own management of the relay database.
  • Key values database. This integrated storage type is ideally suited to combine an extremely high level of reconfiguration with a non-sustainable cluster function.
  • File-based storage♪ This type of storage is commonly used in built-in server in systems with limited resources.

Storage of events

Permanent events of devices and systems may be stored in:

  • Relay database. In proposing a standard approach and the possibility of non-sustainable clustering, this method of storage has limited added value due to restrictions on any SQL database.
  • Database NoSQL♪ The integrated database NoSQL offers a very high level of additiveness and non-sustainable clustering, as well as a horizontal scale of storage by involving multi-server storage techniques.
  • Remembrance. There is a deactivation of the storage of permanent events that suits some built-in installations.

Compatibility with reference databases

Despite the fact that AggreGate distributors are supplied with a built-in relay database and may also include a pre-configurated MySQL database, the platform can use virtually any reference database.

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