Data Storage

Duration Of Hard Drive Data

A deactivated industrial firmer may lose data for a week
Как и где хранить данные в течение долгого времени |

Solid reservoirs have a number of advantages over traditional hard drives: energy consumption, time and speed of access. And a year from now, the main flaw becomes less visible - SSD is cheap.

The report of Elvin Cox to the Committee of Electronic Engineers (JEDEC) raises issues long-term data storage on solid reservoirs and highlight the difference between household products and industrial samples.
Normal solid reservoir for ordinary consumer at 40° C and storage temperature at 25° C will keep information for 105 weeks, it's about two years. If the deactivated disc temperature rises at 5 degrees, the information will be stored for about a year, 52 weeks. Each 5 additional degrees in the deactivated state reduces the storage time by approximately twice.

Estimated information retention time in weeks depending on storage and operating temperatures, home SSD

If the hard drive is stored under acceptable conditions, the risk of undetected data loss is minimal. For SSD, this is not fair, they need access to food to avoid loss. Solid reservoirs for enterprises have the following characteristics: if such discs work at 40° and are laden at 25°, the information will remain only 20 weeks, and JEDEC generally requires a minimum of 3 months. In the worst circumstances, losses may begin in a week, if SSD is used in cold conditions and stored in hot environments.

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