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In this article, we will briefly tell what the difference between cloud VPS and classic VPS. It'll help you decide what to use. If you have questions after reading, we'd be happy to answer the comments. If you can't leave comments on Habre, you can ask a question in our community.

Difference between cloud and classic VPS

VPS you buy for a certain period (e.g. a month or a year) and in a cloud you pay for the resources used by servers, depending on their consumption. Common VPS is a new generation ' s virtual servers that can address equally well both simple and most responsible tasks through the scale and most modern technology platform.
VPS cloud benefits
  • Possibility at any time to create the required number of servers of the required configuration
  • Variability of CPU speed, memory volume and disk, if necessary (multiple can be changed even without reloading servers)
  • hourly pay, depending on the resources allocated, from the management panel balance (no subscriber fee, only one-time balance required)
  • No CPU and RAM resources are charged when the server is stopped, as these resources are released.
  • Refusing platform with triple replication: exceptional data storage reliability♪ Data is stored in three copies on different physical servers.
  • Enterprise SSD Dispatching: highest output of the disk subsystem on PCI-Express SSD and SSD DataCenter. (especially important in handling downloaded databases)
  • Possibility of building servers: once you build a server, you can create a template and at any time create new servers.
  • Optimized for use in the corporate market sector: we have already tested clouds in the most important use scenarios in companies and recommended it to corporate users.
  • Rapid external network up to 1 gb/s, unlimited network inside the centre
  • 3 TB external traffic per month

Classic VPS benefits
  • One of the lowest market prices
  • Fixed monthly/annual payment
  • VPS is perfect for simple projects and sites.

How to check ping cloud VPS and classic VPS
We can test the response time to cloud and classic VPS.
How much?
Classic VPS tariffs are available on the official page. For cloudy VPS, it is possible to know the estimated cost without the use of auto-stopping (more savings can be made) on the official page. The full tariffs are shown under the Tariffs and Resource Calculation. A pilot calculator can also be used to calculate the estimated cost immediately for several cloud servers.

The point on cloud VPS is really predictable. You set up in the control panel the amount of resources the server needs. Even if you use auto-station, you're setting OT and DA limits.

If the target is the maximum economy, the project will not increase and if the resources are known in advance, use the classic VPS from Infobox. It's the simplest use and time-tested technology for your projects.

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