Data Storage

Storage And Destruction Of Personal Data

Регулятор потребовал от банков лучше хранить данные клиентов

7.1. The construction unit of the State responsible for documentation and archiving is systematically monitored and issued personal data documents with expired storage periods to be destroyed.

7.2. The issue of the destruction of personal data documents issued is addressed at the meeting of the Central Expert Commission of the State (hereinafter referred to as the State Committee on Economic and Social Affairs), which is approved by the order of the State.

The outcome of the meeting is a protocol and an Act on the allocation of documents for the destruction of cases, the verification of their completeness, the act is signed by the President and members of the Economic Commission for Europe of the State and approved by the Head of State.

7.3. In accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, a contracting organization shall be designated with the necessary production base to ensure that documents are destroyed. The official of the State, responsible for the archival activities, escorts documents containing personal data to the contractor ' s production base and is present in the document destruction procedure (incineration or chemical destruction).

7.4. At the end of the destruction procedure, the contractor and official of the State in charge of the archival activities shall draw up the relevant Act on the Destruction of Documents containing Personal Data.

7.5. Destruction at end of personal processing time Electronic data is produced by mechanically impairing the integrity of the host, preventing the reading or re-establishment of personal data, or by removing the residual information from electronic media.

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